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We're thrilled to start hosting Monthly MidTown Business Owner Mixers, again! This is a chance for MidTown Business Owners to come together and discuss the latest district updates. 

Do you have a promotion or special that you'd like us to know about? Please contact us today with your promotion and we're happy to help support it! 

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Business Partnership $250/yr

As a partner of Midtown District, you're part of a movement. Midtown is a living, breathing force that we like to think of as the heart of Reno. Midtown is a culturally diverse and artistic district that aims to keep its neighborhood feel and local vibe. As a partner, you are supporting not only your own business

but also your neighbors and the community as a whole.

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We meet monthly at a Midtown Business location to mix and mingle, share stories, commiserate, celebrate and be a community together! Look out for when and where the Midtown mixers will be the Midtown District Member Facebook group.


Midtown District seeks to partner with Midtown businesses in helping to put on community-wide events that bring awareness to the district. If you have an event idea that you would like to present to the board, contact us! We would love to support your Midtown community event!


Part of the function of our website is to connect customers to your business directly. There are two features on our website that help you do just that. The website events calendar provides a space where you can post your special events and the “Explore” page displays all of our member’s logos that serve as links to your business website.


While it is still in the making, we are excited to announce that there will be an interactive Midtown District app that will serve as a guide to Midtown businesses complete with a map and links to member’s websites. Stay tuned for a launch date!


Midtown is about to grow into a beautiful butterfly. The RTC project will include a large art installation, several unique benches each handcrafted by a variety of artists (local and beyond), and two spots at either end of the Midtown parameters on Virginia Street on which banners will be hung. Not only will the banners mark where Midtown begins and ends, we will use them to promote community-wide events like the Art Walk.


With a following of over 25,000, at a growing rate of 300+ followers per month and an average weekly reach of 40,000, we can offer your business a marketing opportunity of great reach and exposure. As a member, all you have to do is tag us (@midtowndistrictreno) on Facebook or message us to let us know that you’d like a product, sale or event featured on the Midtown District Facebook and Instagram pages. We also contribute a maximum of $125 a month towards boosting posts and creating ads that provide an even further reach beyond our followers. We also make frequent member announcements on the Official MidTown Business Owner Facebook group to which you will be added when you become a partner.