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MidTown is More Than a District

Introducing the story of heart, resilience, and grit that made MidTown: The Heart of Reno.


The folks of MidTown are excited to share with you a mini-documentary that showcases our incredible neighborhood 

and the small businesses that made MidTown. It was their hard work and determination that transformed this part of Reno

into the homegrown, eclectic neighborhood you know and love today by creating a center of unique retail shops, restaurants, nightlife, and a variety of services. MidTown Reno was born in a recession and is reopening after years of construction

in the middle of another challenging year. Enjoy the show!

Midtown is Home to Over 150 Businesses

  • 20+ local restaurants and bars with a diverse variety of dining options, including vegan friendly and special dietary cuisine from cultures around the world.

  • 40+ boutiques / stores, including specialty shops featuring: music, art, fashion, vintage clothing and more.

  • Professional services businesses including marketing firms, accountants, law firms, a co-working space, churches, dentists, and real estate advisories.

  • 30+ beauty supplies, wellness-related businesses, other aesthetic offerings, including tattoo shops, massage and wellness centers, gyms, and salons.

  • Accessible and affordable public transit through the Regional Transportation Commission.

  • Annual events (including the Midtown Art Walk, Holidays In Midtown, Black Friday, Record Store Day, and Artown), and nightly musical performances at various venues.

  • 50+ murals and a variety of other artistic and historical installations along each block.

  • Accessible and walkable sidewalks and an abundance of lighting fixtures to keep pedestrians safe all hours of the day and night.


...and the support of a vibrant Membership Program and skilled and passionate board!


Our Mission

The mission for the Midtown District is to develop a sense of community and positive identity. We do this through supporting local businesses, coordinating events, and promoting the district with a unified voice.

“From California street to Center street, all the way down South Virginia St. to Mt. Rose, Midtown is a place to explore, find yourself, lose yourself, meet someone new, eat something different, shop for something unique, walk, skip, dance, love and just be.”

— Midtown District Board


Our Values

Heart and Soul

Midtown is collaboratively built on compassion and love for all of the things that make Reno special and unique. The aim of the district is not to erase or change the character of the region, but to elevate and celebrate it.

Welcoming & Neighborly 

Midtown has something for everyone—visitors, locals, residents alike-ranging from interests, socio-economic background, cultures, and tastes. We invite you to bring your friends and family to enjoy the Midtown experience.


Our membership of the Midtown cooperative supports district-wide advertising as well as developing yearly programming. Our member doors are open—and we eagerly want business owners to be a part of the collaborative which continues to be the strength that binds our diverse community.

Art & Music

Midtown is rich with art and cultural artifacts, boutiques, antique shops, galleries, with 50+ murals, and more. Midtown has a long history of supporting Reno’s musical landscape, as well as multiple venues that book local, national and international acts in intimate settings for decades.


Midtown is home to several marquee annual cooperative events, as well as smaller, exciting events at its various bars, restaurants, galleries and boutiques all year round.  


Midtown is the epicenter of Reno’s local culture. Locally made goods, food, and beverages abound in the area. When you use your purchasing power here, you support the regional economy and help Reno families to keep doing the work that they love.

Walkability & Transit Accessibility

Midtown is pedestrian-friendly, with clearly demarcated crosswalks and expanded sidewalks that make it easy for explorers to visit area vendors with ease. It also has several RTC access points, bike lanes and ADA accessibility, allowing explorers to get around the district quickly, easily and inexpensively.


With an abundance of art work, creative spaces, vendors, historical buildings, and venues. We encourage you to explore, you never know what once-hidden gems await you.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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