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We're More Than a District

We Live, Breathe and Cultivate an Inclusive Lifestyle

Explore Midtown Reno's Wellness. Our local businesses are here to promote steady and marked improvements in your physical and mental wellbeing. Our unique businesses pride themselves in offering a wide array of services to help you improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Explore our businesses, and experience positive change.


We are a Crystal Store that provides an inclusive environment that aims to have our customers feel comforted - as if they were at a Cabin by a Creek.

We also offer Tea Services.

We sell Crystals, Tea, Sage, Jewelry and more.

Midtown Mindfulness

This Center for Holistic Practices provides overall health and well being. We offer Psychotherapy, Yoga, Massage, and Reiki in the thriving MidTown District of Reno!

At Reno Movement & Fitness, we believe anyone can learn to move better, experience less pain, and take control of their health in a safe, supportive environment.

At Lush Ink & Skin Studio, we offer Cryo T-Shock Fat Removal, Skin Toning/Tightening, Arctic Facials, Double Chin Reduction, Brazilian Butt Lifts, Lymphatic Drainage, Pain Relief & Recovery, Microblading, YUMIlash Keratin lash lift &l YUMIbrow Laminatiions

Come Visit Us!

Midtown District Reno

316 California Ave. #45, 

Reno, Nevada

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